Atignas Art

Fading colors of Humanity (2018)

47.6x47.6 in ~ Painting, Oil

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"Why thee lord, answer the prayer?
And why not me? Thine blessed frere?
little less mundane, a little less insane, a little less of pain,
a pinch humane.
I pray to thee, I lay right here, Bones and blood and love and care.."

Art series: Ugly is beautiful
Story behind "Fading colors of humanity"
One of my friend witnessed this incident at Kurla station and here it goes. "It was midnight and I was waiting for a train at Kurla station. Suddenly there was chaos around and crowd gathered around a young couple and started questioning them. Someone saw the couple keeping their new born baby on railway track..." I got numb hearing this and threw my emotions on canvas.


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